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Slippery Roads? The All-Wheel Drive Of The Lincoln MKC Can Handle It


Slippery docks are no match for intelligent AWD, available on the #LincolnMKC.

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We know that it's summer, but unfortunately winter isn't too far around the corner and we know what comes with the cooler months: snow. Even though your thoughts are on the warm sunshine, fun at the beach, and lots of summer outdoors activities, it doesn't hurt to think about the future inclement weather.

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Replacing Your AC Filter Could Benefit Your Air Quality

Have you ever sat in an older car, turned on the air conditioner, and discovered a faint musty smell coming from the vents? It’s not very pleasant and may be because your AC filter is dirty and full of debris.

The AC filter sits in front of the air conditioner and heater and filters all of the air that comes through the vents. Pollen, dust, and other airborne contaminates are stopped from entering into the cabin and many foul odors are minimized.


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Pre-Owned Misconceptions

Choosing a pre-owned vehicle doesn’t mean you are choosing a lower-quality vehicle. Pre-owned vehicles have all the features, capabilities, and reliability that you could want, with the added bonus of buying it after the biggest hit of depreciation has been taken. If a vehicle was previously too expensive, buying it pre-owned could put it into your price range.

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There Are Many Reasons to Wash Your Car

Washing your car makes you feel a little proud of your investment. You bought your car for a reason. Most likely, it looks good to you when it is clean. But there are far more important reasons than just that.

A car that gets washed on a regular basis generally retains its resale value. Just like getting your car frequent oil changes with us at Rowe Lincoln Westbrook in Westbrook, ME, may help your car to run better, a frequently washed vehicle will prove to have benefits as well...

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3 Things to Check on Your Car Before Taking it on Vacation

With the weather warming up, this is a good opportunity to treat yourself or your family to a relaxing vacation. Like many vacations, things can go awry and make the trip a bit stressful. To minimize the stress potential, make sure your car gets prepared for any potential situation by following the tips below.

1. Change Your Oil and Filters

Before setting off on your trip, double check your oil and air filter. Driving long miles with dirty oil is awful for your engine...

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Planning Your Roadside Emergency Kit

With millions of cars on the roads and highways, there is a good chance at some point your car could be involved in an accident or become disabled, leaving you and your family stranded. If this ever happens to you, the situation can be made less horrible if you have a roadside emergency kit.

Here are some items that can help you if your vehicle ever becomes disabled:

  • Cell phone and cell phone charger
  • Extra water for hot days
  • Non-perishable foods to keep up your energy
  • Flashlights for night time breakdown issues
  • Jumper cables
  • Flares and road triangles to warn…
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Safety Tips to Remember While Driving Any Time

When you drive your vehicle anywhere, you can apply simple safety tips. Some things are so simple that they will become second nature. These tips are for anyone that is driving, at any age, and going just about anywhere.

Listen to Your Car

Your car is going to send you messages. It will send you messages from the sounds that it makes. Whether your engine is clicking, your tires are thumping, or your brakes are squeaking. Pay attention to what the sounds are in your vehicle. If you notice any of these sounds, give us a call at Rowe Lincoln…

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