What's better than having a popular midsize luxury sedan? It's having one that has technology features that make it easier to keep your vehicle in mint condition. The technology on the Lincoln MKZ will keep you and your vehicle safer more easily.

If you're interested in a feature that will make it easier to notice when you are veering from the lanes on the road, check out the Lane-Keeping System on the MKZ. It will tell you when you're in danger of hitting the shoulder of the road or drifting into another lane, and it will even auto-correct your course if you fail to correct it yourself. And don't forget about the Park-Assist Feature. It guides you into tight parking spaces so that you don't have to worry about a fender bender.

Come to Rowe Lincoln Westbrook in Westbrook, ME, and take a look at the Lincoln MKZ. You can take one for a test drive.

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