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Safe Towing Guide

Many vehicles are used for towing. However, mishaps occur if not careful. Only tow what your vehicle can handle. Install trailer hitches made for your vehicle. Install the proper wiring and make sure the trailer lights are working properly. Use towing mirrors when necessary. Do not create a high center of gravity. Make sure vehicle and trailer tires have adequate tread and are properly inflated. Practice towing, making turns and backing up before entering busy roadways.

Distribute the weight of your tow load equally. Inspect the load and make sure all is secure. Avoid sudden or emergency stops while towing. Remember to take a jack. If making long trips, check tire inflation periodically. Do not exceed the recommended speed or tailgate other vehicles. Make an appointment at Rowe Lincoln Westbrook for hitch installation, tire inspection and general vehicle maintenance before your next journey. Our technicians are ready to help ensure your safety on the road.

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