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Knowing How Your Battery Functions Will Help You Spot Problems

Have you noticed that your vehicle has been a little harder to start? As you drive, has the check engine light made its presence known on the dash? These two symptoms, when taken together, are possible signs that there is an issue with your vehicle’s electrical system, specifically relating to the battery and its components.

The battery is responsible for providing the spark to get your vehicle started. It does this by sending power to the ignition, starter motor and other relevant components necessary at startup. Corrosion of battery terminals and battery cable ends can severely hamper this function, as can a faulty and dying battery.

To accurately determine which battery related issue that you may be having, please bring your vehicle in to our service center to get it diagnosed. We will sort out your vehicle’s issues and get you back on the road without worry. We are located at Rowe Lincoln Westbrook in Westbrook, ME, so feel free to come see us at your earliest convenience.

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