One exciting midsize luxury car to hit the market this year is the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Check out a few of the unique performance features.

The makers of the new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid have discovered a way to mix an adaptive sport-tuned suspension with the torque vectoring system to make every driving experience unique. This unique and adaptive suspension system utilizes sensors to identify certain road conditions and then adjust to improve the overall ride.

The cruise control in the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is unlike traditional systems. The responsive stop-and-go system adjusts as the driving conditions change. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid uses a radar to scan the road, so if traffic is detected, the car will slow down and make adjustments. Even if the traffic is stopped, your vehicle will slow, stop, and then resume speed.

Stop by Rowe Lincoln Westbrook so you can test drive the new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and see those impressive features for yourself.

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