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Simple Steps on How to Jump Start Another Car

To jump-start, your vehicle using a different car is easy if you know the right steps.

  • Before starting, get the two vehicles close enough so the battery compartments are going to be reached by both jumper cables. Be sure both cars are in park, turn off the engine, now you can safely open the hoods.
  • Take the red jumper cable first, go to the plus side of the dead battery before doing the same on the charged battery.
  • Take the black jumper cables, now charged battery's minus side first, then the last cable will be clamped to any metal surface you can find on the car getting jump-started.
  • Turn the car over, wait two minutes, try the other car and then remove the cables once it starts.

The minute you get the car started, stop by our service center at Rowe Lincoln Westbrook and our crew will test the battery to see if it has life or needs to be replaced.

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