Car owners may leave certain things for granted. Knowing how to determine tire size, for example, isn't something people spend time thinking about. And then the day comes when a tire is worn or flat. What kind of replacement tire do you need? To answer the question, you do need to ascertain the size.

All the info about size is printed right there on the tire itself. Don't expect to see "Tire Size: 1A." With so many different tires available for an enormous number of vehicles, the size code features various numbers and letters. When combined, the all those indicators define the tire necessary for the car.

The data points on the tire's sidewall point out wheel diameter, aspect ratio, speed rating, section width tread, and more. Match the data to the right tire.

You can't drive around Westbrook in a flat tire or several worn ones. At Rowe Lincoln Westbrook, we carry many tires in stock and our mechanics can put them on your car.

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