The Great Features of the 2020 Lincoln Continental

If you are looking for a luxury sedan that has top performance along with comfortable interior features, you need to discover the 2020 Lincoln Continental at Rowe Ford Sales. This vehicle offers the technology features that you are looking for.

Performance Features

The 2020 Continental is definitely a luxury vehicle, but it has the power you would expect to find in a sports car. This sedan offers a 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine that delivers an impressive 400 horsepower. This engine also provides you fuel-efficient performance. You will average 17 mpg while driving in the city, and you will average 25 mpg while cruising down the highways.

The 2020 Continental provides great traction in slippery conditions with its all-wheel-drive feature. You won't have trouble driving on the snow with this vehicle. This AWD system actively monitors all the wheels for slipping. Traction is always routed to where it is needed the most.

Technology Features

The Lincoln Continental provides safety through technology. Pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking utilizes technology to determine if a frontal collision is imminent. If a problem is detected, you will be alerted. The brakes will come on to prevent a collision if needed. There are several other safety tech features in the Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 suite. Among these features, you will find lane keep assist. If drifting outside of the lane markings is detected, you will receive a warning. The system will also provide steering prompts to bring the 2020 Continental back into the center of the lane.

This vehicle comes with a head-up display that allows you to see the information you want to see. With this feature, you won't have to take your eyes ofF the road.

This vehicle is also equipped with the Lincoln Way app. With this app, you can remotely lock, unlock and start the car. The app also allows you to schedule service appointments.

There are several features on this car to help keep you connected. A 4G LTE Wi-fi hotspot is available that will allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time. If you want to utilize your smartphone apps, it's no problem in the Continental as this car is both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible.

Interior and Exterior Features

Inside the 2020 Continental, you will experience total comfort. This car comes with Perfect Position Seats with Active Motion. You can place the front seats in multiple positions using controls located in the doors. The seats in the front are heated for winter warmth, and they are ventilated to keep you cool in the heat of the summer. The rear seats offer several amenities. Your passengers can control the audio and the climate from the rear seats. The rear seats recline, and they are also heated and ventilated.

On the exterior, this vehicle offers an adaptiveness lighting system. When the Continental is traveling at slower speeds, the lights will shine in a wider and shorter pattern. At highway speeds, the lights shine farther down the road for superior illumination. Another interesting exterior feature is the light touch door handle. This feature allows a simple touch to open the doors. The 2020 Continental also comes with soft closing doors. These doors will close without making very much sound

If you live nearby, come out to Rowe Ford Sales to test drive and learn more about the 2020 Lincoln Continental. This is a beautiful car that will provide you with years of driving enjoyment. It provides you with the safety, performance and luxury features that people expect from a car with the Lincoln name.